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On this page we present a variety of our designs. This is to showcase what we have done and what we can do for you.

Out door furniture for the garden

Outdoor chair made with indigbo

Indigbo is a west african wood. It has character and variety that suits the garden.

iroko wood garden chair
yew river table

Creative variety

iroko wood garden chair
yew river table

Coffee table with a difference

This table was requested by a customer that had an elm tree felled in their garden. The tree died of dutch elms disease, and was felled. Some of the wood was good to use, and the legs were made from it. The table top was scottish elm. The cross inlay was preferred by the customer, and an example of our craftmanship. the split in the wood is filled with bronze metallic epxoy resin.

Console tables

River console table with drawer

This table is made of english yew wood, with a blue epoxy resin river. It has a drawer that portrays a beach with the sea. A perfect piece of furniture for a house by the sea.

yew console table
yew river console table
oak console table

American oak console table with a drawer

This console table is a variation of our work. Plane wood, with no fixings. Keeping this design minimalist.

Lighting up a dining room and saving space

Glass top oak table and an oak/leather bench

The original table and chairs occupied too much space. The owner preferred a less wide table and chairs that would occupy less space, and provide more storage.

The bench has three drawers underneath. All of which have caster wheels.

The centre drawer pulls out between the table legs - one of our design features.

iroko wood garden chair
yew river table

River table as seen on TV

yew river table
yew river table

English burr oak river table

This river table was requested. THe dimensions specified were 2.6 metres long and 1 metre wide. It took some doing to source the timber, as character wood was requested.

However, we found the perfect board, made the table and delivered it all within one month. This involved us approaching several sawmills before finding the ideal piece of burr oak

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