Photo gallery

Here you will see examples of our

  • creativity

  • engineering

  • craftmanship

  • material that we use

english burr oak lap joint mortice and tenon joint american oak console table plain>
    <img src= blue river table made of character burr oak oak bench with leather upholstered seat leather and oak bench character elm wood slatted garden gate made of indigbo wood
chatoyant effect of polished burr oak tripod coffee table legs made of spalted elm rustic elm wood coffee table with cross or crucifix inlay wooden balcony railings painted dark brown ornate chair made of iroko wood detail of character yew wood showing pink and purple colours english oak board showing evidence of lightning strike blue river of yew river table iroko wood finished river table blue river with oak burr
walnut bed frame console table detail of polished english burr oak>
    <img src= solid walnut bed inlay of oak cross in elm wood with a bronze resin indigbo fence between house and garage alt="indigbo double garden gates beteen a house and its garage" alt="blue river table grand designs" garden double gates indigbo wood
yew river table console small yew river table with artisitc feature drawer american oak and glass dining table with oak and leather bench small river table oak and glass dining table with a built-in oak and leather bench we are golden by Yvonne Coomber hanging over an oak and leather bench meandering blue river of a epoxy resin table yew river table slotted joint in burr oak american oak slatted bench