Coffee Tables

We design and make bespoke coffee tables for you and your home. We design it with your input and ensure that the features and style that you love are included in the design, for a reasonable price.

Our bespoke service is for anyone that wants special and one of a kind furniture for their home or office.

Why compromise on a centrepiece? Why settle for second best when you can get what you really want? We design the furniture to your style preferences in computer aided designs software. And when you love the design, we make it. As simple as that!

What should you do?

If you want a beautiful piece of furniture for your home, and know what style you want, or have an idea what you want - get in touch. Our designer will take guidance from you to make your furniture.

On our website you will get a very good idea what we can make for you. So take some time to peruse the site, and many thanks for visiting.

Wooden Coffee Tables

This bespoke designed wooden coffee table was drawn up by our designer for a customer in Scotland.

The customer provided us with a brief and a video of the room. From the video, the designer was able to match profiles and shapes in from the room. This then makes the furniture more suited for the room.

To see an image of the final product, go to the portfolio page

Rustic Coffee Tables

Here a rustic coffee table is pictured. The customer had an elm tree felled in their garden and wanted a rustic table that used some of the elm wood.

The tree died of Dutch Elm disease, and the mould lines are evident in the near leg at the bottom.

This is another good example of the service we offer. If you have any timber that you would like to use for a project, please get in touch

Live Edge Coffee Tables and Waney Edge Coffee Tables

The edges of the table can also be tailored to your liking - whether it's an up-turned or down-turned live edge or waney edge - we can do it for you.

Other coffee tables

One thing all our coffee tables have in common, is that they are made for you and your home. To your specifications and style preferences, at no additional cost to that of a well-made furniture creation.

Whether it's a long coffee table, a square coffee table, round, large or small coffee table- we can make it for you.

All our tables are custom made with or without bespoke designs. So if you are in the market for a new coffee table, please consider Caldecotte Design Studio

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What our customers say

I commissioned a dining table and bench made from oak.

The bench needed to fit the wall space and provide storage underneath. I also wanted a glass top table to seat 8 people.

The furniture was made in a very timely manner with ergonomic design and excellent build quality.

A professional and friendly service

Lisa S.