About Caldecotte Design Studio

About Us

Caldecotte Design Studio is a bespoke design studio for furniture for your home. We help you beautify your home to what you want.

Indoors and outdoors our designs enable you to enjoy your home and garden the way that you dreamt of.

Why? Because we love making you happy and feel fulfilled.

Caldecotte Design Studio, was created and named spontaneously, when starting the website for the then hobby and passion, turned business – a lifestyle company.

This happened when the founder and owner decided that it was time to do what he enjoyed and loved; using his imagination, his creativity and sculpting creative designs with his own hands for people that love their homes, and want to make it just for them, their family and share it with their friends.

Why use Caldecotte Design Studio?

Here are a few benefits of using Caldecotte Design Studio:

  • Caldecotte Design Studio is run by an experienced chartered engineer and craftsman.
  • Speak directly to the furniture designer so that you and him can create your furniture.
  • The designs are now modelled in CAD software and presented to the customers before manufacture.
  • Creative, bespoke and custom designs
  • Strong ties with sawmills and wood merchants
  • Use indigenous timber sustainably and responsibly sourced
  • Environmental approach to using timber, i.e. we do not destroy or discard any timber, we use timber and wood efficiently and responsibly.
  • Design for the space available while also creating additional storage
  • Ergonomically designed furniture, with the help of a medical professional.

walnut bed frame

Who usually approaches us?

We are usually approached by customers seeking individuality, who are also looking for:

  • Unique, custom and bespoke designs because customers would rather spend good money without compromise.
  • Ergonomic furniture to their taste
  • Stylish
  • Handmade
  • To fit the space available.
  • With the materials you prefer
  • To create the atmosphere that you would like.
  • And to improve the acoustics of the room (as the design of furniture can impact the acoustic quality of a room). For this we work with Environmentally Sound Limited, an engineering and acoustics consultancy and company.
under bench storage

The days before Caldecotte Design Studio

Paul always designed and crafted, from the age of nine, when he made soapbox carts for the children in the neighborhood. As Westerns were frequent on TV, he decided to build a mini Western settlement - just a few houses in which he and the neighborhood children could play cowboys and Indians.

He thoroughly enjoyed woodwork and had a tremendous talent for technical drawings. And developed an interest in architecture, which is still strong today.

Not long after he emigrated to England in 1998, he grabbed the opportunity to replace balcony railings for property owners. He was remunerated for it, not just in pay, but the satisfaction that the owners had for his excellent craftsmanship.

Word spread, and more work came in, and Caldecotte Design Studio was founded. Today, the portfolio is still growing.

balcony railings
Balcony railings were replaced between 2001 and 2003. Installation and painting included in the quotation.

Caldecotte Design Studio today

Caldecotte Design Studio is still run by the owner, a chartered engineer and craftsman. The two go hand in hand, as with creative designs, the structural integrity must be warranted, and the engineering knowledge and experience is an asset to Caldecotte Design Studio and to the customer.

At Caldecotte Design, we have pride in our work. And have developed a process that keeps you informed throughout your project. We are confident that, if you stay involved throughout the project, you will get your design, to your preferences. With excellent quality and craftmanship.

Please view our gallery for typical projects that we have completed. Click here.

yew wood river console table