Creative furniture designs just for you.

So that you can live in a house you love.

We'll help you style your perfect home.


Creating the style that you love.


Furniture designed ergonomically for your comfort


Creating space by design.


Incorporating acoustics so that you have the tranquility you deserve.

Can't find furniture to suit the space, in the style you love, to create the home you dream about?

We're here to help you create your dream home.

"Not having the furniture you truly love, is like buying a car without the optional extras you really want."

We make furniture to suit your preferences, including the style you love, the appropriate dimensions for the room, ergonomic and relaxing.

You can have all you have dreamt about within one month of ordering

Caldecotte Design

Caldecotte Design Studio help you style your home to be practical, spacious and to your style.

Indoors and outdoors our designs enable you to enjoy your home and garden as for your dream home. Why? Because we love what we do, and we love making you happy and feel complete.

Caldecotte Design Studio, was created and named spontaneously, when starting the website for the then hobby and passion, turned business – a lifestyle company.

This happened when the founder and owner decided that it was time to do what he enjoyed and what he loved; using his imagination, his creativity and sculpting it with his own hands for people that love their homes and want to make it just for them and share it with their friends.

Our 4-step Process

Phone call

A friendly introduction.

Meet and greet

Familiarise ourselves with your style.


Artwork proposals to suit your style.


Deliver and install your design.

Why choose us for your next project?

Creative designs

Experienced craftsmen

Good quality

Good value for money

And we care for you.

You can now furnish your dream home with the furniture you've created

You are now a phone call away from having what you want for your home.